Holtermann & Associates

Who We Are

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to Holtermann & Associates (H&A). Our focus is executive search of healthcare professionals: Administrators, Vice Presidents, Director of Operations, Chief Nursing Officers, Director of Nursing, Finance Managers, Rehabilitation Services Professionals, Medical Insurance Professionals and other healthcare managers.

Our clients include hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics and Medical Insurance Organizations.

Our specialty is finding the right person for your job and the right career move for the candidate. At H&A the recruitment staff knows how to find the right people for your openings … quickly, economically, and consistently. We recruit, screen, pre-qualify, and refer only those candidates who meet or exceed the qualifications that you require in your next employee.

Today’s Challenge

We have many great challenges in today’s healthcare environment. Fighting to improve care and manage costs in an increasingly challenging environment while caring for a growing number of aging chronically ill patients and striving to constantly increase patient and employee safety.

However, most healthcare facilities today face another challenge: staffing. We are facing a nursing shortage, intense competition for top talent and tighter regulations. Finding and keeping qualified professional staff is no easy task. We can help you meet your objectives.

At H&A, your challenge is our specialty. Bringing together world-class companies and highly skilled healthcare professionals is our area of expertise. We are interested in helping you meet your employment needs as simply and efficiently as possible.

The nature of our recruiting efforts is almost 100% concentrated on passive candidates. We use no paid advertising, only networking, referrals and direct reach out and touch recruiting…. relationship recruiting.

Candidates responding to ads are usually those who have lost their jobs or those in jeopardy of losing theirs or just miserable in their current positions. They also become less discriminating as the steady paycheck becomes more important than the future opportunity…any job will do.

The best candidates are happy fully employed candidate, those with above-average jobs who are not just looking for a paycheck. You must reach out and find them because they are not looking for you. That is our specialty.

If you are an employer with staffing concerns, or if you are looking for the next step in your career path, please call to discuss our services and learn how we can help.

Company Profile

Patricia Holtermann, CPC – Managing Partner

Pat has over 30 years of recruitment and human resources experience with twenty-two years in the healthcare industry. Pat’s wide range of experience includes not only front line recruiting and human resources management but also creating and directing successful leading edge national recruitment programs for several major healthcare companies. She brings first hand knowledge and understanding of the challenges hospitals and long term care facilities face today. Her extensive network of healthcare professionals spans the country.

You can contact her at: pat@hva-jobs.com

Kay Tinker, Director Nurse Recruiting

Kay comes from a diverse background of oncology mangement and investigations. She specializes in the sourcing of clinical directors and managers.

You can contact her at: kay@hva-jobs.com

John Holtermann, Director Recruitment Resources and Finance

John is our ‘go to guy’ for all things technical and financial.  He keeps the ship running as well as heading up our sourcing staff.

You can contact him at: John@hva-jobs.com

Michelle Steed

Michelle is our resident expert on various communication services including newsletter development, conference coordination, exhibit management, employee referral programs and advertising. With 10 years experience in the healthcare arena, her ability to seize and successfully complete award winning projects of all types and sizes are legendary. Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious with clients and coworkers alike.

You can contact her at: info@hva-jobs.com