We Find the Right People

As Richard Pinsker says, everyone wants to hire a winner. Winners are peak achievers who get more accomplished because they work smarter and harder. Winners require less training, supervision and motivation. They save the company money through reduced turnover, better productivity and decreased recruiting expenses. And when you hire a winner, you are viewed as a winner, someone with the skills and judgment needed to build a strong team – which in turn should lead to promotional opportunities and increased earnings.

The knowledge and comfort level necessary to source, interview and hire winners are more often than not missing in the management skill set. Finding the few best candidates who are right for your needs from the many who are not takes time and resources. In an industry where demand far exceeds supply, the quest for quality staff can drive your cost per hire sky-high. H&A offers outstanding personal service tailored to your organization at an exceptional value.

Quality Practices

H&A rigorously screens each candidate for experience, education and personal style utilizing behavioral based interviewing techniques. We match healthcare professionals and employers with great care so that both will find the experience to be rewarding and successful. H&A knows that successful placements require the right chemistry – as well as the right credentials.

Committed to Excellent Customer Services

H&A is ready to assist proactively with your short and long-term staff planning. We will take the time and listen very carefully to your needs, to truly understand your expectations. The success of our company depends on our ability to meet the requirements of our clients. Your satisfaction is the only true measure of our success.

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